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Q: My air conditioner doesn’t seem as cold as it used to be

A. In most cases the coil is probably dirty – especially if it has never been cleaned. If the temperature falls down a few degrees after cleaning then the problem was simply “clean and service”. If not it may require refrigerant.

Q: My air conditioner isn’t blowing as hard as it used to

A. In most cases it is probably very dirty and therefore the airflow is inhibited. Once the blower fan (drum) has been properly cleaned the airflow will generally double. The drum has up to 400 small fan blades on it – once the leading edge of each blade gets a build up of dirt attached it simply becomes inefficient. If the drum is turning very slowly then you may need to replace a fan motor.

Q: My air conditioner is “huffing” quite badly and is annoying!

A. This is generally due to very dirty filters. If you neglect to clean your filters regularly you will slowly choke your air conditioner to death!

Q: My air conditioner rattles when I turn it on!

A. Generally this is due to the blower fan (drum) being out of balance. A build up of contaminants on the drum will cause this over time. A clean will fix the problem.

Q: My air conditioner smells when I turn it on!

A. A smelly air conditioner is a “dirty air conditioner. A service and “proper” clean will rectify the problem. A really bad odour can be caused by small “critters crawling up the drain and not being able to get out or alternatively they have crawled into the head unit and died, which will also cause a bad smell. Of course a service and clean will fix both of these problems.

Q: My air conditioner is blowing hot air instead of cool air

A. Firstly check to see that your remote is on the right “MODE”. If it is then you will need a technician to check the gas level and/or possibly the compressor.

Q: My air conditioner doesn’t switch on at all

A. If your remote is in working order (check the batteries), then you will need to switch it on manually. You will generally find the manual button up near the electrical panel. If you are unable to locate it, call a technician. If it switches on manually then you need to have a technician check the receiver board.